Wondering what to do on your summer Alaskan vacation? A visit to Alaska is an adventure during any time of year and summer is no exception. In fact, this is the most popular time to visit the most northern state in the United States.

Here are 10 things to do on your summer Alaskan vacation that will make your trip unforgettable.


This was such an amazing day of fishing on the Little Su with our good friend Andy owner of Fishtale River Guides! #Fishingalaska

Posted by Ehmann Outdoors on Friday, June 26, 2015

Alaska has a myriad of fishing opportunities. If you are interested in fishing for a specific species, Alaska has trout, various types of salmon, halibut, Northern Pike, and many more. Alaska has a type of fish for every angler. Whether you are looking for a secluded interior lake to fish or would rather head out to the open seas of the ocean, Alaska can make your fishing dreams come true.

Land’s End Resort

Posted by Land's End Resort on Monday, August 28, 2017

This resort is located on a beautiful sandy beach on offers spectacular fishing opportunities along with all the amenities of a swanky hotel. If you are looking for a fishing vacation at an upscale resort, Land’s end is for you. Located in Homer, Alaska, the halibut fishing capital of the world, Land’s End resort also has fishing opportunities for salmon.

Waterfall Resort

The waterfall that gave us our name 🌊 #waterfallhike

Posted by Waterfall Resort Alaska on Monday, April 3, 2017

Located on Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska, this resort offers amazing fishing experiences and some pretty amazing views too. Waterfall Resort caters to anglers of all skill levels, from first-timers to seasoned pros. More than 20 kinds of fish can be found in the water surrounding the resort and they provide experienced guides.


Where better to go camping than in the wilderness of Alaska? While this may be too extreme for the average camper in the colder months, summer is the perfect season to camp in Alaska. Whether you are looking for a cozy cabin in the woods or want to rough it in a tent, Alaska has the right camping experience for you.

The Nauti Otter

Mariner’s Lair at the Nauti Otter in Seward, Alaska.Contributed by Erik Jensen via Cabin PornFor more inspiration – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcPPUszZ4-7yzZNgAAYwJjg

Posted by natural living forum on Wednesday, August 6, 2014

With two locations, the Nauti Otter offers both a hostel, an inn, and cabins as well as yurt rentals. They have 11 yurts some of which have queen-sized beds and others with 2 bunk beds in each.

Nancy Lake State Recreation Area Hideaway Camp

There are 13 rustic cabins available for rent that are equipped with wooden bunks, counters, and wood-burning stoves. Each cabin also has an outhouse as well as an outdoor fire ring.

Teklanika River Campground

If you are really looking to rough it and would rather tent camp than rent a cabin or yurt, you can’t go wrong with this secluded campground located in Denali National Park.

Image CC by 2.0, by PunkToad, via Wikimedia Commons

Midnight Sun Baseball Game

Happy Summer Solstice everyone.Fairbanks Alaska, Land of the midnight sun.and tonight we play the Midnight Sun…

Posted by Ernie Rump on Tuesday, June 21, 2016

If you are going to be in the Fairbanks area for your summer Alaskan vacation while they are holding the annual Midnight Sun Game, you won’t want to miss this rare opportunity for a truly unique experience. The first of these annual games was held in 1906 and has become a highly anticipated yearly tradition. Even if you aren’t a baseball enthusiast, this is definitely something you don’t want to miss if you have the chance to go.

Helicopter Tours

Flightseeing tours are an awe-inspiring way to see the Alaskan landscape. Flying is a way of life in Alaska. In fact, helicopters are to Alaskans what taxis are to the rest of us in the lower 48 states. Just about every tourist destination in Alaska, no matter which part of the state it is located in, offers helicopter tours. You can choose bear watching tours, fly over glaciers, or look down into volcanoes.

Arctic Circle Day Trips

Any summer Alaskan vacation should include a day trip to the Arctic Circle. Hailed as the most undeveloped part of America’s “Last Frontier,” tours of the Arctic Circle take you off the beaten path and allow you to see sights the majority of us have never seen firsthand. On your day trip, you may see wildlife that doesn’t live anywhere except the wilderness of Alaska, such as caribou and musk oxen.

Whale Watching

Whale watching

Posted by Alaska on Sunday, September 4, 2016

If your summer Alaskan vacation includes a trip to Juneau, check out the combo tour that will take you whale watching and top it off with a visit to Mendenhall Glacier. This combo tour is only a few dollars more than the whale watching tour by itself and without a doubt, it gives you more bang for your buck.

Hot Springs

The Chena Hot Springs Resort will take your breath away with its beauty. This resort features the Hot Springs Lake that has an average temperature of 106 degrees F. all year long. Hot tubs are also available. The waters have been compared to mineral waters found in the hot springs of what was once known as Bohemia. Composed of a variety of different minerals, the waters are said to have healing properties.

Image CC by 0, by PunkToad, via Wikimedia Commons

Gold Mining

Add a little history to your summer Alaskan vacation and leave with gold in your pocket by enjoying Historic Gold Mining and Panning Adventure at Gold Creek in Juneau. Experience for yourself what it was like to live in the days of the Gold Rush. And to make things even better, you get to keep any gold you find. This is a great activity for little adventurers!

Dog Cart Rides

You probably thought you were out of luck when it comes to dog sledding during your summer Alaskan vacation, but this isn’t quite true. While you may not be able to go sledding, you can take dog cart rides instead. Some of the dogs that pull your cart might have even run in the Iditarod. If you really want to experience dog sledding in the snow, a helicopter might be able to make this possible even in the summer months.


Alaska has multiple volcanoes. Tour Cook Inlet’s Ring of Fire during your summer Alaskan vacation and get an up-close view of the state’s active volcanoes: Mt.Augustine, Mt.Redoubt, Mt. Iliamna and Mt. Douglas.

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