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The phrase “Go west young man” made famous by American author Horace Greeley regarding the US westward expansion drove many American’s to stake their claim on the American dream. Alaska is one of the places in the US where that dream hasn’t died. Miles of unadulterated wilderness calls some of us like a siren.

With recent TV shows like Alaskan Bush People and Football Town: Barrow Alaska, Alaska has been put on center stage. We’ve seen its dangers its beauty and its undying freedom.

Today’s Alaska makes our last great frontier the star of the show by showing you it’s cities and towns, it’s roads and desolate splendor. Most people associate Alaska with hunting, fishing and living off the land but there is so much more. Anchorage is a growing metropolitan city with all of the modern amenities you can expect from an American city of almost 500,000.

Bars, restaurants, and world-class hotels are there for you to enjoy. Juneau is a quaint mountain town, home to a world-class harbor that serves hundreds of Ocean liners each year. In fact, Juneau will be visited by about 1 million people this year via the cruise industry.

Whether you’re looking for a fun adventure or you’re looking to relocate Today’s Alaska has the information you need to plan ahead.

We love Alaska and we hope you will too. Thanks for visiting todaysalaska.com